Want to know more about Online Loading Station?

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What is Online Loading Station?

Online Loading Station is an online shop of electronic load (Smart, Globe & Sun Cellular) in the Philippines.

How can I purchase mobile load?

In order to buy mobile load, you should place an order and create your account (if your a new customer). You may go to our Products Page to select your network & load amount, enter your recipient phone number and proceed to checkout.

What is a recipient phone number?

It is the phone number to whom we will send your load purchase. This should be a Philippine phone number in order to work.

What are the available networks?

We currently support the 3 biggest network provider in the Philippines – Smart, Globe & Sun Cellular. It also includes their subsidiary networks – TNT, TM and Cherry Prepaid.

How can I pay my purchases?

You can pay your ordered load upon checkout to your desired payment options.

What are your payment options?

Currently, we accept Paypal, Debit Cards & Major Credits Cards as you options to pay us. More payments are on study and will be implemented soon.

What is your credit card processor?

We are using Paypal as a payment processor for debit cards & credit cards orders.

Is Paypal a safe payment processor?

Yes. For long years, Paypal has proven its credibility to the online world and has become the no.1 option for every shoppers & merchants to send and receive payments online.

How do I check the status of my order?

After you check out, you will be automatically registered to our site. You can view your orders and its status by clicking “My Account” on the menu.

I inputted a wrong number, can I get a refund?

We can not “take back” a load once it is delivered. It is your responsibility to enter and double check the number before placing an order. All sales are final.

How long will I receive my load?

For most time, purchased mobile load are sent instantly after our system verified your payment. But due to network failure (which is out of our control), a delay may happen. If you did not get your load after 24 hours, contact us immediately.

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