2 Ways to Check If a Globe Promo is Still Available

Do you ever wonder if a globe promo is still available for registration? Here are some ways on how to check the availability of Globe Promo.

1. Register Your Globe Promo Without Load/Balance

Try to registering to your favorite Globe promo without any available load/balance. If the reply of Globe is like this;

“Sorry, your current load balance is not enough for the promo you created. Mag-load na to enjoy Globe Prepaid GOSAKTO!”

It means that the promo is still active. It just reject your registration because you don’t have enough balance to register. But when the reply of Globe is like this;

“Sorry, this keyword is no longer available but good news…”

It means that the promo is inactive or no longer available.

2. Visit Globe’s official Website

Globe will lists their available load promos on their website from time to time. Make sure to always check on their website at www.globe.com.ph.