🔥 Complete List of Mobile Network Prefix Numbers 2023

It is common for most of us to always check for prefix numbers to know what network a phone number belongs to before making a call or sending an SMS. We do this to avoid unwanted charges from the mobile network we are using.

Knowing the prefix number and mobile network of the person we want to contact gives us the following advantages;

🤳 SMS Rate₱1.00/SMS regular load, unli if on promo
🤙 Call Rate₱7.50/min regular load, unli if on promo
💰 ReloadingEasy to buy load or topup

But how can a prefix number be used to check the mobile network of a specific phone number? Are there any tools we can use to verify if it belongs to Smart, Globe, Sun, or other networks? Yes, there are, and luckily we have them.

Here’s what you will learn in this post.

Prefix Number Checkers

The first tool is the table below. It is a list of all mobile number prefixes used by all network providers in the Philippines. The second one is the network checker tool. It’s a tool where you can simply input a phone number and, in return, it gives you its mobile network.

The List of Mobile Network Prefix Numbers in the Philippines

Check the mobile network of a phone number using the list below.

Prefix NumberWhat Network
0813 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0817 mobile networkGlobe
0895 mobile networkDITO
0896 mobile networkDITO
0897 mobile networkDITO
0898 mobile networkDITO
0899 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0900 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0901 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0902 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0903 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0904 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0905 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0906 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0907 mobile networkTNT
0908 mobile networkSmart
0909 mobile networkTNT
0910 mobile networkTNT
0911 mobile networkSmart
0912 mobile networkTNT
0913 mobile networkSmart
0914 mobile networkSmart
0915 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0916 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0917 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0918 mobile networkTNT
0919 mobile networkSmart
0920 mobile networkSmart
0921 mobile networkSmart
0922 mobile networkSun
0923 mobile networkSun
0924 mobile networkSun
0925 mobile networkSun
0926 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0927 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0928 mobile networkSmart
0929 mobile networkSmart
0930 mobile networkTNT
0931 mobile networkSun
0932 mobile networkSun
0933 mobile networkSun
0934 mobile networkSun
0935 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0936 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0937 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0938 mobile networkTNT
0939 mobile networkSmart
0940 mobile networkSun
0941 mobile networkSun
0942 mobile networkSun
0943 mobile networkSun
0944 mobile networkSun
0945 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0946 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0947 mobile networkSmart
0948 mobile networkTNT
0949 mobile networkSmart
0950 mobile networkTNT
0951 mobile networkSmart
0952 mobile networkSun
0953 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0954 mobile networkGlobe
0955 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0956 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0957 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0958 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0959 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0960 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0961 mobile networkSmart
0962 mobile networkSun
0963 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0964 mobile networkSmart or PLDT WiFi
0965 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0966 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0967 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0968 mobile networkSmart
0969 mobile networkSmart
0970 mobile networkSmart
0971 mobile networkSmart
0972 mobile networkSun
0973 mobile networkSun
0974 mobile networkSun
0975 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0976 mobile networkGlobe or GOMO
0977 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0978 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0979 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0980 mobile networkGlobe
0981 mobile networkSmart
0982 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0983 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0984 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0985 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0986 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0987 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0988 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0989 mobile networkTNT
0990 mobile networkNot yet assigned
0991 mobile networkDITO
0992 mobile networkDITO
0993 mobile networkDITO
0994 mobile networkDITO
0995 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0996 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0997 mobile networkGlobe or TM
0998 mobile networkSmart or TNT
0999 mobile networkSmart
09173 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09175 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09176 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09178 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09253 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09255 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09256 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09257 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid
09258 mobile networkGlobe PostPaid

Prefix Numbers by Network

We also narrowed down the list of prefix numbers above by network. You can now easily navigate to the list of Smart numbers, Globe numbers, Sun numbers, TM numbers, TNT numbers as well as DITO numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions in regards to prefix numbers.

What is a Mobile Prefix Number?

A mobile prefix number is the first four digits of an 11-digit mobile phone number. Each network in the Philippines has its own designated prefix number, probably issued or approved by the NTC.

Checking the mobile network of a phone number can easily be done by just looking at the prefix number of the phone number. Although there are tools available online for checking a phone number’s mobile network, most of them are hard to use and understand.

What are the Mobile Networks in the Philippines

As of this writing, there are three (3) major networks in the Philippines: Smart, Globe, and DITO. TNT and Sun are subsidiaries of Smart, while TM and GOMO are subsidiaries of Globe.

Getting to know which of the networks our family and friends are using helps us save a lot on prepaid loads.

How to Know What Network a Phone Number Belongs to.

Here’s a simple way to identify the mobile network of a phone number. Let’s use the mobile number 09123456789 as an example.

  1. Observe the 11-digit phone number from the given example.
  2. Then extract its prefix number, in this case, it’s 0912.
  3. Check on the table below for 0912.
  4. That’s right. Now you can conclude that the given phone number belongs to Smart.

But, with more than 80 prefix numbers for all networks, it’s hard to figure out which prefixes belong to which network. Memorizing them takes time, especially if you hate numbers.

Us Filipinos don’t like to complicate things. We prefer simple and easy ways. That’s why we are providing you with a list of prefix numbers in the Philippines for different mobile networks.

These numbers may change from time to time without notice. So, please leave us a comment if you find a prefix number that is not on the list. We’ll be happy to verify it, add it to the table, and send you a thank you gift.