SIM Card Registration – Easily Avoid SIM Deactivation

SIM card registration is now mandatory in the Philippines starting December 27, 2022. Subscribers from all mobile networks are required to register their mobile numbers or else their SIM cards will be deactivated and they will lose their mobile numbers.

Existing Smart, Globe, DITO and other network subscribers are given 180 days to register their SIM cards while new subscribers must register it upon SIM activation.

How to Avoid SIM Deactivation

In order to avoid your SIM card from being deactivated, you must register it.

How to Register SIM Cards in the Philippines

Smart, Globe and DITO networks have released step-by-step guides on how you can register your SIM card. The process of SIM card registration is free and easy to follow.

Smart SIM Card Registration

Globe SIM Card Registration

DITO SIM Card Registration