Pasaload Smart to Globe, TNT, Sun, and TM – Ultimate Guide

Smart Pasaload, or share a load, allows you to share your available load balance with your family or friends. You can share as little as two (2) pesos or even up to 200 pesos of load credits per transaction.

It’s the most convenient way of reloading a mobile phone when there is no available Smart retailer or loading station nearby.

How to Pasaload Smart?

Here are the two (2) easy ways on how you can make a pasaload to other Smart subscribers.

  1. Text PASALOAD (space) 11-digit phone number of your recipient (space) pasaload amount, then send it to 808.
    • For example: PASALOAD 09191234567 2
  2. Text 11-digit mobile number of your recipient (space) pasaload amount, then send it to 808.
    • For example: 09191234567 2.

After sending, wait for text message from Smart requiring your pasaload confirmation. Just reply with YES to that message to proceed with the transaction. If you change your mind, just reply with NO to cancel it.

If you replied with “YES,” you and your recipient should receive a text notification stating that the transaction is successful. Your smart load balance will now be deducted by the amount sent plus a P1 SMS fee.

Denominations and Expiry

In using the Smart pasaload service, you cannot just send any amount you like. Here are the list of allowable denominations you can send.

365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days

Always make sure to have an extra load balance of at least P1 before making a pasalaod. This is to cover the SMS fee.

Pasaload Smart to TNT

TNT and Smart Bro are both subsidiaries of Smart. So, the question “how to pasaload in TNT” has been answered.

Just follow the same steps above with a TNT phone number as the recipient.

Pasaload Smart to Globe, TM and DITO

If you are asking how to pasaload Smart to Globe, TM and DITO, the answer is you can’t. Smart pasaload is currently only available to smart subscribers and its subsidiary networks.

How to Pasaload Smart to Sun

Although Sun Cellular is now a subsidiary of Smart as well, still, there is no clear discussion if smart subscribers can pass their load to sun subscribers.