Sun WINNER Text 10 (WIN10) – UNLI Sun Text, 10-min Tri-Net Calls + FREE Facebook

WIN10 is the cheapest text promo from Sun Cellular. This promo includes unlimited texts to Sun Cellular, 10 minutes calls to Sun/Smart/TNT, PLUS FREE FACEBOOK valid for 1 day for only 10 Pesos. Sun Cellular’s WIN10 is a value for money when you need to text or call your friends, plus browse the latest posts and status of friends from Facebook which will last for a day.

Promo Details

  • Unlimited texts to Sun Cellular
  • 10 minutes calls to Sun/Smart/TNT (Tri-net)
  • FREE Facebook
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Requires 10 PHP LOAD

How To Subscribe

Text WIN10 to 247 (This promo is available to Sun Cellular subscribers only.)


To check the promo’s availability. Be sure to check Sun’s website –