List of TM Prefix Numbers for 2023 [Recently Updated]

TM numbers, commonly known as the TM prefix numbers, are the first four digits of the 11-digit phone number issued by TM (Touch Mobile) to its subscribers. In other words, it is a unique identifier used by TM to easily identify if a phone number belongs to them or not.

Known for offering value-added data promos for its subscribers, TM now has 26 starting numbers for their subscribers to choose from.

TM Prefix Numbers 2022

Mobile phone numbers from TM (Touch Mobile) start with these numbers or prefixes.

How to Know If a Phone Number Belongs to TM

One way to determine if a phone number is from TM is by inputting it into a network checker tool. This method is the simplest. Just input your phone number and hit enter.

The tool then tells you if the phone number belongs to TM or not.

Another way is by getting the phone number’s first four digits. Then, check our list of TM starting numbers above. If it is on the list, the network for that phone number is TM.

Here is a detailed guide on how to spot a TM mobile phone number.

A step-by-step guide to check if a number is TM or not.

  1. Make sure the number is not in international format.
  2. If it is, just change the first two digits “63” to “0”.
  3. Now, look at the starting numbers (the first four digits).
  4. Then, see if you can find the four-digit number from the list above.
  5. If you can, then the phone number is TM.

Getting a TM Number With Specific Prefix

A TM number can start with any of the prefix numbers on the list above. If you want to choose a specific TM start number, you can simply ask the sales clerk to let you examine the available SIM cards first. Look at the first four digits of each number and decide for yourself what to get.

The most commonly chosen TM prefixes are 0926 and 0935.