FB50 TNT Promo | Get Facebook & Messenger Access for 7 Days

FB50 is a TNT FB promo that gives you 500 MB/day data for FB & Messenger for only 50 pesos for 7 days. With TNT FB50, all TNT subscribers can enjoy Facebook and Messenger access all day long.

TNT FB50 Promo Features

Subscribe to TNT FB promo FB50 now and enjoy the following;

  • 500MB per day access to Facebook/Messenger

FB50 Registration

Thinking about how to register to FB50 promo from TNT? All TNT subscribers can easily register TNT FB50 for as low as 50 pesos. It is valid for 7 days and the registration only takes a few minutes.

To register, dial *123# > Other > FB, ML, TIKTOK > FB > 50.. Then, wait for a confirmation message from TNT that you have successfully registered to TNT FB50.